Thought for the Week

IN SEPTEMBER I attended the consecration of our new Diocesan Bishop, Christopher Lowson in Westminster Abbey.

This was the first time I had attended a service in the Abbey and it entailed departure from Scunthorpe at 4.30am.

There was a good turnout from the Isle and we were deposited outside the Abbey about 30 minutes before the start of the service.

The consecration of a bishop is led by the Archbishop of Canterbury supported by many other bishops who lay their hands on the new Bishop.

For once, I could see the point of travelling to London for a consecration; the use of the Abbey shows that this is of national significance.

Observing proceedings from Poets’ Corner meant that I did not get the best view; at one point I was shown by one verger to a better seat before being asked to vacate it by another but it was good to be part of the day.

The Bishop will be enthroned in Lincoln Cathedral on Saturday November 12 marking the official beginning of his ministry in the diocese.

I hope that we shall soon have a chance to meet him in the Isle and that he can see for himself what treasures are here.