This is why you might have seen mysterious rainbow lights over Doncaster tonight

People across Doncaster have reported seeing mysterious coloured rainbow lights lighting up the night sky across the town tonight.

Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 8:57 pm
People across Doncaster have reported seeing the light beams tonight.

There have been sightings of the multi-coloured light beams from all over town – but don't worry, its not the famous Northern Lights or an alien invasion!

The lights are actually an art installation called Global Rainbow which will shine out across the night sky on November 12 and 13.

And tonight’s light sightings are understood to have been a practice run for the two-day event.

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The lights have been seen all over Doncaster tonight. (Photo: Sally Hartley).

Organised by Cast, the beams will shine from 5pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

A spokesman for Visit Doncaster said: “Look up!

"This spectacular art installation will light up the Doncaster evening sky.”

The Global Rainbow is a large-scale public art light installation created by Yvette Mattern.

The artwork beams seven rays of laser light representing the colour spectrum of a natural rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Full details HERE