This is the new South Yorkshire train route where customers will face fines for not buying a ticket

Rail passengers in South Yorkshire have been warned that they will face new fines from next month if they travel without paying for ticket.

Travel provider Northern has announced the introduction of further penalty fare routes on the Manchester to Sheffield line.

The penalties, which will be £20 fines or double the cost of a single fare dependant of which is greater, will come in to focrce at Sheffield station in early December.

Penalty fares are designed to discourage people from travelling on trains without first paying for their tickets, and the new fines will be implemented from Thursday, December 6.

Commuters can buy a ticket before they travel from a ticket office or ticket vending machine.

If these facilities are not available at the station, or if offices are closed or machines out of order, customers will still be able to buy a ticket from the on-board conductor.

Where customers want to pay cash, but ticket machines are card only, they will be able to obtain ‘promise to pay’ notices from the machines which can shown to the conductor.