This heartwarming new RSPCA Christmas advert will melt your heart

There may be a new rival to claim the tittle of most tear jerking Christmas advert of 2018.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th November 2018, 12:10 pm
Updated Friday, 30th November 2018, 2:40 pm
RSPCA Christmas advert.
RSPCA Christmas advert.

Today the RSPCA launched their new Christmas advert which conveys a moving message of kindness towards animals with the Kings Of Leon track "Use Somebody" stirring up emotions for our furry friends.

The video shows a young lad and his kind interaction with animals, starting with saving a small snail to erecting a tent for his scared pet dog.

As he grows into a teen he finds a box of abandoned kittens and takes them to the RSPCA.

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RSPCA Christmas advert.

It's then revealed that as an adult he works at the RSPCA and uses his love for animals to save them on a daily basis.

RSPCA chief executive Chris Sherwood said: “When I first saw the Christmas video I must admit I was moved to tears. It’s a beautiful story and encapsulates the everyday work of the RSPCA."

“We hope that this touching film will inspire the next generation of pet owners and animal rescuers, and also encourage viewers to make a small donation to the RSPCA so we can help the thousands of animals who need us this Christmas.

“Every act of kindness can make a big difference. And we hope our heartwarming video and beautiful song will encourage everyone to think of the animals and help us help the thousands of animals who could be facing cruelty, neglect and suffering this Christmas.”

RSPCA Christmas advert

Amazingly the advert was made by only the RSPCA broadcasting team along with the help of their friends who all gave up their own time to make the poignant advert.

Animals shown in the advert were rescued by the charity and local children took part.

The Kings Of Leon classic "Use Somebody" was covered by singer and RSPCA press officer Lucie Ellie Cooper, who had gained special permission from the band to use it in the video.

RSPCA broadcast manager Alan Laxton - who oversaw the project - said: "We're all really proud of this beautiful film that perfectly showcases the work of the RSPCA as well as the overarching reason why we all work here - because we love animals.

"We are lucky to have such talent at the RSPCA which means we are able to produce a film to rival adverts by the likes of John Lewis, but without the big budgets.

“If the film inspires just one person to make a donation, one family to rehome a rescue pet or one child to grow up being kinder to animals then we’ve done our job!”

This year the charity is hoping that the advert will help their Christmas fundraising appeal "Delivering Kindness at Christmas."

This Winter the RSPCA are expecting to take 10,000 animals into their care.

It costs more than £500,000 to run an RSPCA centre for a year, but just £3 can buy an abandoned pet a toy, or £6 could feed a dog for a week over Christmas, while £12 could give an animal the gift of comfort - providing blanket, toys and a tasty treat.

.To donate, please visit