These are the streets in Doncaster that will face a 27 hour wait to download the final season of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans living on the UK’s slowest street for broadband would be able to rewatch all 67 episodes of the series so far in the time it will take them to download one episode of the forthcoming eighth and final season, according to consumer speed tests collected by, the price comparison and switching service.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 9:54 am
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 9:58 am
It's not great news for Doncaster GoT fans

With speeds of just 0.143Mbps, one 80 minute episode will take residents of Greenmeadows Park in Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire, more than 66 hours to download, while Game of Thrones currently runs to 63 hours.

As of this week, however, ‘thronies’ on Greenmeadows Park have access to some of the fastest connectivity in the country following the installation of new ultrafast full fibre broadband, offering speeds of up to 900Mbps - which would reduce download times to just 38 seconds per episode.

It's not great news for Doncaster GoT fans

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Slow broadband is by no means exclusive to Gloucestershire’s Game of Thrones obsessives, with fans in Oldham’s Poplar Avenue facing more than 43 hours of waiting for a new episode - enough to get through to the 47th episode, midway through season five. Residents of Chesham Road in Wilmslow will also be able to reach the fifth season in the time it takes to download a single episode.

These lengthy download times come despite both of these streets having access to superfast broadband, which would allow them to download an episode in minutes.

With the average download speed across the whole of the UK standing at 46.2Mbps, the rest of the country will be spending only 12 minutes and 23 seconds to download the most eagerly anticipated television event of the year. At those speeds, fans would be able to download the episode 323 times before residents of Greenmeadows Park had downloaded even one.

Ofcom states that 95% of the country has access to superfast broadband services - meaning speeds of 24Mbps or faster - though only half (56%) of households are aware they can have superfast in their home.

If you started watching Season 1, Episode 1 of Game of Times when hitting download on the new episode, how far through the entire series would you get before it finished downloading?

Yorkshire List

Rank Street Name & Location Average download speed (Mbps) Time taken to download one episode of GoT Season 8 Season and episode of GoT you would reach in that time

1 Shaw Lane, Doncaster 0.352 27:06:52 Season 3 Episode 10

2 The Willows, York 0.463 20:36:51 Season 3 Episode 3

3 Tan Pit Lane, Doncaster 0.533 17:54:24 Season 2 Episode 10

4 Moseley Wood, Leeds 0.550 17:21:12 Season 2 Episode 9

5 Grange Fields, Leeds 0.652 14:38:18 Season 2 Episode 6

6 Neswick, East Yorks 0.739 12:54:54 Season 2 Episode 4

7 Kirbunderdale, York 0.822 11:36:40 Season 2 Episode 3

8 Phoenix Boulevard, York 0.852 11:12:08 Season 2 Episode 2

9 Gratrix Lane, Sowerby 0.922 10:21:06 Season 2 Episode 2

10 Downside Crst, Allerton 1.148 8:18:50 Season 1 Episode 9