"There will be retaliation!" Doncaster protestors targeted by taunting Facebook page penned by FLY

Campaigners battling against flies plaguing a Doncaster village are being taunted by a Facebook page - supposedly written by a fly.

Tuesday, 8th August 2017, 5:33 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:33 pm
The Rosso Fly Facebook page.

People living in Rossington have held a number of protests in recent weeks about an invasion of flies which have made residents' lives a misery.

Thousands of the buzzing insects have descended on the area around Bankwood Lane - and protests reached a head when a protestor was injured after being shot in the face by a paintball during a demo.

Now the saga has taken a new twist after a Facebook page mocking the protests and supposedly written by a FLY and promising retaliation was set up.

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Rosso Fly, which describes itself as a "news personality" has made a series of posts poking fun at the campaigners who have blamed local firm Morris Metals for the infestation and wrote: "Fly lives matter!

"It seems some of the protestors have started using fly spray to execute my brothers and sisters.

"Chemical warfare is the worst thing you can do on this planet, there will be retaliation!"

Another post read: "It STINKS out there in sunny Rosso today, me and my mates will be out in force this afternoon!!!"

A third post, above a picture of a fly-covered skull added: "A lot of people ask me what my end game is?

"I won't live to see it, but this is my vision for Rossington in 5 years time."

The page has been liked more than 350 times but has drawn critcism from a number of posters on the page.

Holly Thompson wrote: "Your just a lill keyboard warrior feeling pathetic for yourself as you clearly have nothing else better to do. Grow up your embarrassing yourself."