There is a solar eclipse on Monday - and you can see it from Doncaster

Solar eclipse.
Solar eclipse.

Doncaster residents will be able to gaze up to the skies and witness a partial solar eclipse on Monday.

The sun and the moon will cross paths as the 2017 solar eclipse will plunge parts of the world into darkness.

For the first time in 100 years, America will have a chance to witness a total solar eclipse darken the skies with the majority of the action taking place over Northern America.

The spectacle will kick off over the Pacific Ocean in the west, just south of Alaska and the Bering Sea.

It's 'path of totality' will arch over central US, down towards Florida.

As the darkness sweeps across the Atlantic, the website said a partial solar eclipse should be visible from parts of the UK, including Doncaster, from 7.39pm.

It will be at its maximum at 8.01pm and ends at 8.23pm.

However, it will be somewhat of a hard task to see it as only four per cent of the moon will cover the sun in this part of the world.

A solar eclipse last darkened the skies over South Yorkshire in March 2015 when 90 per cent of the sun was covered by the moon.

This was the first solar eclipse in 16 years.