'The whole house shook:' Dad tells of terrifying moment Doncaster 'tornado' hit

A dad of two has spoken of the terrifying moment his whole house shook after a freak tornado smashed through homes and gardens in Doncaster.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 21st February 2022, 11:04 am

Matthew Daniels said the destructive gust which wrecked homes in Thorne yesterday afternoon sounded like ‘a jet engine starting up’ – and caused chaos as it tore through the area in a matter of seconds.

Mr Daniels, who was at home with his wife and two children when the tornado struck at around 3.30pm yesterday said: “It was definitely a tornado, I’ve never heard a sound like that in my life.

"The sound was like a jet engine starting up – then you could hear all the debris outside smashing into the cars and pavement.

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The tornado brought down a tree in Matthew Daniels' garden.

"I honestly thought that my roof was gone it was that loud.

"My wife and two children were upstairs at the time and all I could hear was the panic in their voices, hence why I thought the roof had gone.

"I know it sounds dramatic but it really was that loud the whole house shook.

"Then after about ten seconds it was over.

"I went straight outside and couldn't believe the damage it had caused to the properties.

"Luckily we have a great community spirit within our street and neighbours were quick to help. It has been a very frightening experience, especially for my son as we were playing football outside only an hour before - it could of been much worse but luckily there seems to be only damage to property and not to life.”

A number of homes in Southfield Road, Southend Road, Wike Gate Road and Medlar Court are still cordoned off this morning after South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crews declared a major incident.

Added Mr Daniels: “There are still lots of loose tiles and the wind is picking up again. We had to stop at in laws last night because of severe damage to our roof.

"Yet incredibly houses a few feet down were untouched.”

CCTV footage showed the moment the tornado struck, sending trampolines and garden toys scattering and sending roof tiles crashing down.