The New Year is in the stars

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Find out what 2014 has in store for you with this year’s horoscopes


March 21 - April 20

Aries, you really will be springing into action as this year begins. Communications are buzzing and life runs fast, just as you like it. Although there is a strong emphasis on family and friends, this is a year for you to blossom personally. A steep learning curve at work brings satisfaction and leads the way to more cash.

Although there are times of restlessness, this can be balanced with exercise and a good diet. Romance runs a thread through the whole year, bringing new influences and strengthening existing relationships. There is something about you that is fresh and inspiring. Partners see about you a kind of innocence that they want to protect. There is the need to jump into situations with both feet and heart, regardless of the cost.

If your sense of adventure tempts you to take on too much, remember that it is a good idea to take a practical approach.


(April 21 - May 21

A boost to finances early in the year gives a sense of optimism. Doors are open that would have been closed before. This period dwindles towards autumn so make the most of any opportunities to get a head start. Family and friends become especially important as you aim to include them more in your life. Those who value your friendship may have particular need of it in the months to come.

Taking a practical approach and not overstretching your resources is the best approach. It is much easier to help others if you first consider yourself. Any insecurity will show itself by the tendency to hold on to things and people that no longer give real support, so be prepared to give some of these things to charity or take a step back from people who drain your spirit.


May 22 - June 21)

The year begins with a dynamic boost to optimism and prospects. Perhaps a change at work brings with it new opportunities or you decide on learning something new. Whatever it is, your brain buzzes with ideas through the spring. Make it a time when you take control of your money. Use it wisely and also save.

Sometimes this is best done by simply spending less when tempted.

Treat your health with respect and it will work well for you.

Get any checks that are needed to keep on top form. People and communications bring the most happiness and satisfaction and the more you do for others, the more you will prosper in spirit. Looking for someone special? The summer brings the best chance. Meet like-minded individuals in unusual places. Although people come and go from your life, you enjoy the novelty. There is little you like more than constant mental stimulation and fresh physical company.


June 22 - July 22

This is a year of celebration and good fortune. Loveable people are often at your side as your enthusiasm for life attracts like-minded folk in droves. For this to take off, however, you must make an effort. Get out and keep talking as finding out about others gives you a wonderful insight into their feelings and needs. The summer brings a dynamic character into your life who may be a little bit demanding. Spend less time with them and more with your friends to keep a balance. Seek romance with a soft-centred individual. If you go for looks in a lover, it could bring disappointment. A good relationship needs effort.

With a big emphasis on your personal life, business may just plod along. Perhaps you can involve your partner to bring up fresh ideas and enthusiasm.


July 23 - August 23

Seek out the wise and supportive this spring. Why bother with negative people and situations when you have the chance to bloom? Always aim to take the path of progress, especially in building good and long-term relationships. A soulmate is close so appreciate who and what you have. Those with an open mind will find opportunities. There is no need to compromise in this area and certainly don’t accept anything that is not in your best interests. Although day-to-day living is busy, especially in the summer, give yourself time for thought. Look at what you believe in and check that you are on the right path. Be yourself, especially around loved ones. Remember that important thoughts are there to be shared. Yes, really. The autumn brings changeable moods, but this is natural for your sign at this time.


August 24 - September 23

Both home and career are in the spotlight this year. Some opportunities will not come as easily for some time so make the most of what is on offer. Cash should flow more easily but make sure that it is mostly flowing in, not out. Look out for big promises that come to nothing. Your good judgment of character serves you well here.

Talking of promises, those you make to yourself are very important, especially if they concern your health.

Take care of what you have in any area that is essential. Romance is never far away but you will have to reach out for it. Make things happen rather than sit and wait in this area.


September 24 - October 23

Home life and cash dominate the year. Getting organised is important, especially if you plan to travel. Indeed, travel in the spring is not only likely but desirable. It is a time to seek and find things out. Someone from another culture has knowledge that intrigues you. A hunger to learn by chance sees the opportunity for increased wealth.

This will satisfy your need for the better things in life. Having said that, Libra, it is also a year in which you declutter. Spirituality becomes more important and having the time to appreciate nature. With a sharp mind and infinite curiosity, it is possible to really open up your life.

You could be lucky and find love but it may be fleeting. Even so, every chance for happiness should be taken and enjoyed. Basking in someone else’s glory in the autumn sparks some ambitions of your own.


October 24 - November 22

Be lucky as the year begins and through the spring. Use your enthusiasm to make the most of opportunities and show others that you are serious. Chances come your way that seem charmed, but they are real and need to be made the most of.

As money comes in, try to hold on to some of it as the temptation to spend will be strong. Finding a new position on the work front, maybe even in an existing company, brings changes. These may at first seem a step back but give it time. Sometimes going in a different direction fires the imagination and sense of purpose.

Aim to be more flexible in all areas to sidetrack stress and avoid burning yourself out intellectually by working with others. Take note of their needs but avoid getting into a ‘tug of war’ situation.


November 23 - December 21

Embrace life, love and new friends this year. Romance is more likely if you resist having preconceived ideas. When going out to learn something new, perhaps at a course, develop friendships. If these are with much younger and much older people, so much the better. Get to know others in a targeted and even intense way.

This approach brings you understanding that has perhaps been lacking in the past. People are not things that happen to you, they are influences that you can control. Take charge with forward planning and charm. Who could resist your smile? Be serious about work and money.

You cannot afford to play fast and loose with your responsibilities! Keeping spending under control brings satisfaction.


December 22 - January 20

Amazingly close relationships with loved ones spin delight right through this year. Close to home is where your heart is.

Even those who still seek love feel comfortable and have moments of great content.

Making your life in your own image is the aim. You know what you want and need to aim high, but if you fall a little short, you should still be happy with the result.

Ambition takes a back seat to a need for peace of mind, as it should.

When it comes to career moves, what you want may not be what you need for happiness so allow yourself some flexibility. Let your lighter side enjoy the summer and autumn. Young people give a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at life and a happy heart is soon full of delight.


January 21 - February 19

A good, well-balanced year ahead gives you plenty of time to relax. Aquarians can have their fill of love and learn to enjoy different aspects of romance. A jovial and happy soul is very attractive, especially to those seeking someone special. Don’t expect all encounters to be lasting, however. You are being encouraged to find your happiness through being open-minded and adventurous. Existing relationships strengthen as you find your way forward emotionally. Keep a balance between work and leisure in the second half of the year with the emphasis on communications with colleagues.

There may be some bumpy times here that you can smooth over with a calm approach. When life gets busy, resist the urge to cut corners either at work or home. Words are cheap but the wrong ones this winter could see you in hot water.


February 20 - March 20

It is a big year for learning new things, and this applies as much to people as work. Gaining knowledge in both areas brings chances to get ahead. Keep an open mind and constantly look for opportunities. Home life is important and you are urged to consider at length any move or agreement. Act rashly and you could regret it.

It is not all sober thought, however. The summer encourages you to get out and play, exploring new things and people. A hobby can bring passionate contact but don’t necessarily expect new love to last forever. Enjoy each moment for its own worth. Make this a year of realising more of your potential.

There are many talents to develop and many lives to touch. Some form of voluntary or community work is on offer in the autumn. Don’t dismiss it out of hand. Give it a try. Normally you don’t have much time to study how people ‘tick’.