The Killers in Doncaster: Traffic and noise complaints sour party mood

Angry Doncaster residents have hit out at traffic and noise created by last night’s huge concert by American rockers The Killers.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 9:38 am

Large parts of the city centre suffered crippling traffic congestion both before and after last night’s show at the Eco Power Stadium, which attracted more than 25,000 fans and was the first date on the band’s UK stadium tour.

Roads around the stadium were gridlocked around rush hour – with Bawtry Road, Carr House Road, Bennetthorpe, Town Moor Avenue, Leger Way and White Rose Way among those that were badly hit.

A park and ride shuttle bus from the Racecourse had been laid on to transport fans to the stadium, but there were grumbles about the service.

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Parts of Doncaster suffered traffic gridlock ahead of and after The Killers concert.

One said: “The park and ride was a nightmare but what an amazing show.”

Another added: “Well done to Doncaster for organising – such a shame didn’t do the same with getting in and out and the park and ride was a joke. Had to walk back.”

Another posted: “Agree about traffic, we got off the park and ride - it was gridlock - walked back to racecourse.”

While another wrote: “Nightmare back into town - designated taxi pick up point non existent, park and ride - held in for over an hour - gridlock.

"Ended up getting park and ride to racecourse then walked into town and a 40 minute wait at the taxi rank. All in all, gig ended just after half ten arrived home at 1am. Great concert though.”

Another blasted: “Fantastic concert, absolute diabolical and shambolic organisation. I've been to concert's all over the world and this is the worst one for organisation I've ever been to. I won't rush back to that venue.”

But others said people had been given enough warning about congestion, with signs warning about potential traffic congestion laid out days ahead of the show.

One said: “Picked up my daughter after and roads busy but that’s to be expected. All people moaning it wasn’t organised enough need to attend more large gigs as it’s the norm, toilets was only issue she moaned about but otherwise said it was great.”

Another added: “We were lucky, we parked near the stadium and was straight out. No traffic around Carr House Road roundabout.”

While another posted: “I don’t know what everyone is moaning about. There was plenty of notice that it was going to be busy.

"Trouble is, people don’t use their brains. We parked a 15 minute walk away, strolled past all the people going mad in their cars and walked straight in with no fuss. It’s quite simple if you plan ahead.”

There were also complaints about noise, with one angry resident taking to social media to say he had made two separate complaints to Doncaster Council.

He wrote: “Anyone interested in complaining to the council about the noise levels then you can do it online. I’ve done it twice.

"I can hear the band over my TV. I have work early tomorrow morning. How is this fair on a week night?”