The Killers in Doncaster: Did Brandon Flowers call Doncaster 'Donchester' during gig?

It has been the most eagerly anticipated and quite possibly the biggest concert Doncaster has ever staged – but did Killers frontman Brandon Flowers make a comical faux pas on his trip to South Yorkshire?

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 5:10 pm

Some claim to have heard “Donchester,” while others say they heard “Manchester.”

Being such a cool rock god hailing from fabulous Las Vegas in Nevada, Brandon is of course perfectly allowed to call our newly created city whatever he wants – and after delivering such a storming set, we’re perfectly happy to let him off the hook.

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Did Brandon Flowers call Doncaster 'Donchester' during the Eco Power Stadium concert?

Take a listen for yourself HERE and see what you think.