The jobs that are most in demand across the UK

With Britain's economic recovery well on track, companies are feeling more confident about hiring. The UK's jobless rate is at a 10-year low, with people across all skillsets finding it easier to land work.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th May 2016, 11:21 am
Updated Monday, 16th May 2016, 11:26 am
The jobs that are most in demand across the UK
The jobs that are most in demand across the UK

However, some sectors are facing a severe shortage of skilled candidates. Recruitment website Adzuna has revealed which sectors had the highest number of vacancies on its website in March. It has also listed the average salary.

So if you’re thinking about learning a skill or fancy a career change, here are the sectors you should be looking at.


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Number of roles : 78,467

Average salary: £38,210

There is a severe shortage of engineers in the UK, which has prompted billionaire inventor James Dyson to warn of a “suicidal shortage” that is doing damage to the UK’s reputation as an innovator. The Royal Academy of Engineering warns there will be a shortfall of 1.8 million engineers over the next decade. Adzuna says engineering roles are the most heavily-advertised on its site. In March, there were 78,467 vacancies open, offering average pay of more than £38,000.

2. Nurse

Number of roles : 58,788

Average salary: £31,876

Analysts say the NHS is experiencing a chronic shortage of nurses due to serious underfunding. The Government’s decision last year to scrap the bursary scheme that paid nurses during training has also been blamed for fewer people entering the profession. However, others argue the removal of the bursary will allow colleges and universities to offer more training places. Staff nurses typically start on salaries in the early £20,000s, although those at the top of their game can earn closer to £100,000.

3. Developer

Number of roles : 56,754

Average salary: £43,305

Developers are also high in demand, particularly software developers. Applicants with strong Java knowledge are particularly sought after, says Adzuna.

4. Consultant

Number of roles : 41,566

Average salary: £35,813

Consultancy is a wide area that spans many industries and touches upon various salary bands. Management consultants are seen to have high levels of technical skills, which are needed to help firms streamline their business. The industry also has a high churn rate, due to the fact that consultants often work long and unsocial hours.

5. Recruitment Consultant

Number of roles : 41,560

Average salary: £35,810

With vacancies flooding the jobs market, recruitment consultants are also in high demand to pick out the best talent. Recruitment consultants earn a significant proportion of their salary from commission. Even so, average salaries are relatively high at around £35,000.

6. Teacher

Number of roles : 40,692

Average salary: £29,571

Like nurses, teachers are also in short supply. Spending watchdog the National Audit Office recently warned that schools in poorer areas are finding it particularly hard to attract trained teachers. There is a particular shortage of maths and science teachers across the country. It is estimated that 28% of secondary physics lessons are now being taught by someone who only has an A-level qualification in the subject.

7. Administrator

Number of roles : 35,499

Average salary: £20,724

Office administrators are always high in demand, although the average salary is at the lower end of the earnings bracket at around £20,000. However, this could be because part time jobs are common in this area.

8. Chef~

Number of roles : 21,341

Average salary: £22,394

Britons love dining out, and figures show leisure spend in the UK is consistently rising. Working as a chef isn’t for the faint-hearted. The hours are long and the work is tough. There were more than 20,000 job openings on Adzuna in May.

9. Designer

Number of roles : 21,041

Average salary: £39,424

Digital designers are particularly high in demand, and are needed to create content for adverts and anything else that needs creative input. Junior designers are more likely to start on salaries in the early £20,000s, but this rises with experience. Adzuna says the average salary across the UK is almost £40,000.

10. Sales Executive

Number of roles : 18,682~

Average salary: £27,965

Sales executives are needed across all sectors and industries. They are responsible for selling a company’s products and services, and will often play a key role in introducing new products.