Teenage pool sensation from Thorne gets a call up for his country

A promising young pool star is on cue for an international career after getting a call up to play for his country.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9:33 am
Young pool England international, Harrison Guitteridge, of Thorne Academy

Harrison Gutteridge, a student at Trinity Academy, in Thorne, is aiming to turn the hobby he started as an eight-year-old into a professional pathway to fame.

After playing in a pub league from the age of 14, he was selected to play for South Yorkshire and followed this with a successful trial for the England team.

Harrison, 15, of Thorne, said: “My dad plays and he used to take me to the Snooker Club in Thorne. I sat on the tables at first, then my dad started teaching me when I was eight.

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“His mate said why didn’t I try out for the county. Getting selected for South Yorkshire meant I could trial for England.”

Harrison has more than held his own against men and women in the pub league and came third in the country at the U15 England trials.

“I should have won, but I was a bit nervous in the first games, but it was still brilliant to get selected,” he added.

The opportunity means Harrison will get to play overseas for his country this year.

Harrison, who plays in the pub pool league every Wednesday and for South Yorkshire every last Sunday of the month, gave an insight into the game he loves to play ion a regular basis.

He said: “It’s not all about potting. You need to be able to control your white ball for the next shot. You’ve got to be thinking two or three shots ahead and I think that’s how I’ve done quite well.”

An admirer of snooker star Ronnie Sullivan, Harrison is hoping to turn professional in a few years’ time and is investing all his spare time in the game, playing in the pub pool league every Wednesday and for South Yorkshire every last Sunday of the month.

Holding his new £400 cue, he added: “I’ve got the best cue which is perfect for me for its length, weight and balance. I’ve got a great coach and I’m ready to work hard, so with all that my dad says I should be able to turn professional when I’m 18.”