Team Verrico supports rare cancer charity

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Team Verrico continues to move forward apace, this week with news of link up with a specialist rare cancer charity.

Chairman of the Isle-based worthy cause, Paul Verrico, explained: “In May, Team Verrico received a support application to assist a father in Norfolk who was afflicted by a rare cancer which I could barely pronounce. We were able, as a trustee group, to arrange for a medical consultation in London for this chap. As a result, his treatment regime was overhauled, his tumour markers reduced significantly and he was able to have a much better response to the chemotherapy survived.

“This chap, along with his lovely wife and friends, organised a fundraiser for Team Verrico. I was able to attend along with a friend and over £1,000 was raised. I gave a short speech about what we do and I met Susan Oliver, the chair of Pseudomyxoma Survivor (PMP) which helps those with the disease. PMP, in most cases, starts in the appendix. It affects around two people per million each year.

“I met Susan last week and we have agreed to support her charity.”

Susan said: “Team Verrico has offered free assistance for those Pseudomyxoma Survivors with young families with any counselling support that they may need, within England and Wales. We at Pseudomyxoma Survivor are delighted to have access to this service, to be able to offer our this to our community, from such an established charity such as Team Verrico.”