Team Verrico forms constitution to fight cancer

Anna Verrico
Anna Verrico

The charity formed to help cancer victims, following the death of Isle woman Anna Verrico, now has a formal constitution.

An eight-page document covers every aspect of the new charity Team Verrico, that was first launched by Anna’s husband, Epworth man Paul Verrico, at the recent Pride of the Isle Awards.

Objects of the charity include the following;

To support research in to new treatments and ways of diagnosing responses to treatment of cancer, and research in to challenges faced by long term survivors,

To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers and their families of lethal medical conditions, especially triple negative breast cancer, through financial assistance, support and practical advice,

To advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to Triple Negative breast cancer.

Team Verrico formed originally to help pay for costly treatment abroad that it was hoped would help young mother Anna, after she was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer.

As an established charity, it is already supporting another cancer sufferer. Paul said: ““A member of our team suggested our expertise could be used to help Debs McNaughton in her fight for life. Debs is a young mum, with a two-year old, who has a returning cancer in her appendix. She needs to raise £30,000 for a private operation.”