Tall order for wildlife park to home giraffes


GIRAFFES are the latest animals to be brought to a popular safari park full of exotic animals.

It may seem like a tall order for bosses at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park who have been putting together plans to home the 15ft animals at the family visitor attraction.

Construction work will also take place to build a £350,000 accomodation facility fit for the new arrivals which is expected to be completed by the time the animals arrive in October.

The giraffes will add to the Doncaster park’s vast array of exotics animals which includes lions, tigers, zebras, meerkats and leopards.

Cheryl Williams, park director, said: “We are very excited about this. I worked with giraffes at Woburn Safari Park, where I was previously, and we had a herd of 15 and successfully bred them.

“A lot of people are really keen to see them because they are so unusual and unique looking.

“It has been challenging to design a house where people can look at them and they can been looked after by their keepers.

“There is still some work to do on their accommodation and we are just in the process of finishing it off.”

It is expected there will be either three or four males initially. Two could arrive from another UK site, although one may come from abroad.

Females are expected to be introduced in future.

They will be transported by a company from Holland, which will bring them in a specially designed vehicle with an adjustable ceiling.

Only two companies in Europe can transport giraffes.

The giraffes’ new home in Branton will have four indoor yards and an outdoor paddock area to exercise.

Visitors will be allowed inside the seven metre high building to see the species.

Keepers will use equipment built to feed them at heights of up to 15 metres.

They will also be released into the African plains section of the park - home to animals including zebras and ostriches.

The move is part of an arrangement with the European Breeding Programme.

It is hoped that visitors will see them for the first time around October half-term.