Tackling child abuse in North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire Council is supporting '˜Together, we can tackle child abuse', a national campaign to raise awareness of everyone's responsibility in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect. The campaign encourages people to report suspected child abuse.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 10:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 10:46 am

All children have a right to be safe and should be protected from all forms of abuse and neglect.

A third of people, who suspect child abuse, do nothing. A number of people do not act on their suspicions because they are worried about being wrong.

You don’t have to be absolutely certain about your suspicions; if you have a feeling that something is not right, talk to our children’s services duty team who can look into it.

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Information is usually gathered from many sources, and your report would form one part of a bigger picture.

If you are concerned that a child is being abused or may be at risk of harm you can call:

01724 296500 (9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm Friday)

08081 689 667 (free phone)

01724 296555 (answerphone - out of office hours and at weekends )

If you think police assistance is required call 101 for non-emergency or 999 in an emergency.

In 2014/15, more than 400,000 children in England were supported because someone noticed they needed help.

Councillor David Rose, cabinet member for Children’s Services, said: “All children and young people should grow up feeling loved and secure. Abuse is harm to a child or young person and could be in the form of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse or emotional abuse, all of which are totally unacceptable.

“We are fully supporting this campaign to encourage people to report suspected child abuse and look out for our children and young people.

“Understandably people find it difficult to report child abuse, but it is necessary you report any suspicions you have. Even if you are not completely certain, your suspicions will form part of a thorough investigation. Every child deserves to be protected and it is better to be safe than sorry.”

Edwina Harrison, Independent Chair of North Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board, said: “The LSCB supports this campaign and hopes members of the public will feel confident in reporting any concerns to North Lincolnshire Council. All children living in North Lincolnshire deserve protection and as they often can’t speak for themselves it is really important that adults do what they can and speak up for them.”