Swinton ‘human’ bones were really from a cow

Andrew Allen at the spot where he found bones in his garden.
Andrew Allen at the spot where he found bones in his garden.

When a young couple moved in to their new home they thought they were in for a heap of trouble when they found what was thought to be human bones in their back garden.

The discovery caused quite a stir on the quiet street in Swinton and a team of police officers were called to the scene to confiscate the remains.

But the couple spoke of their relief this week after tests revealed the bones actually came from a COW.

Andrew Allen, 30, who found the bones while digging up his garden, said: “I was very worried at first.

“I found myself walking into Wath Police Station with a carrier bag full of gladioli and three bones. It was like something out of Midsomer Murders.”

Mr Allen, his partner Lindsey Green, 38, and her two sons had only moved into the house on Toll Bar Road in February.

He found two bones in the back yard and one in the front while digging up their land over the last couple of weeks.

The teaching assistant added: “I only dug down about a foot and they were there.

“I took them to the vets and they said they did not come from a domestic pet.

“That really got me thinking. They did look like vertebrae from the spine so we called the police.”

He added two police officers and then an officer from the Criminal Investigation Department arrived at the house last Tuesday evening.

The bones were taken for DNA tests the following day and police rang the family to say they derived from a cow.

Mrs Green, a carer, said: “It was all quite a big fuss with the police here.

“At first I said ‘just throw them away’ because I couldn’t believe they might be human.

“But when the tests came back from the vets it did make me wonder.”

She added: “We have only just moved in and I did think ‘here we go’, might this be the start of something bad.

“But we were relieved when the results came back.

“We’re still not sure though how the cow bones came to be there.

“It was all very unusual.

“But we’re just happy it wasn’t anything sinister. We just want to move on from it now.”