Suspended sentence for Doncaster man who posed as MI5 agent with imitation gun 

A Doncaster man who posed as an MI5 agent with an imitation gun and attempted to handcuff a man in his home has been sentenced. 

Sheffield Crown Court was told how Scott Boyce, 21, stopped a vehicle travelling in Doncaster in August last year, and claimed to be a plain-clothed police officer. 

Boyce was sentenced during a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday

Boyce was sentenced during a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday

The occupant of the vehicle was intending to buy it from a friend and had been test-driving it, but did not have insurance to drive it. 

Andrew Smith, prosecuting, described how the occupant exited the vehicle as requested, gave Boyce, of Worksop Road, Tickhill his details and subsequently left the scene. 

When he returned to pick up the vehicle it was missing. 

“The occupant told the owner what had happened when he went to retrieve it. He asked for police assistance in recovering the car, but they had no record of it,” said Mr Smith. 

A number of days later, Boyce visited the Warmsworth home of the man who had been test-driving the vehicle wearing ‘some form of stab-proof vest’. 

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“He spoke to the complainant’s wife, alleging that a large quantity of drugs had been found in the car,” said Mr Smith. 

Mr Smith said Boyce claimed to be from the MI5 armed response team, and attempted to handcuff the complainant whilst an imitation firearm was stashed in the waistband of his trousers. 

“A struggle ensued, and the real police were called,” said Mr Smith. 

Boyce was subsequently charged with affray, which he pleaded guilty to at an earlier hearing. 

The court heard how Boyce has previously been brought before the courts for making threats with an imitation firearm when his girlfriend was involved in a dispute concerning her wages. 

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Michael Cane-Soothill, defending, told the court that Boyce was ‘not work-shy’ and had been through a difficult time due to health problems.

Judge Graham Reeds QC sentenced Boyce to 15 months in prison, suspended for two years, and made him the subject of a criminal behaviour order, banning him from using legal firearms. 

“In my judgement, this defendant has a fascination with guns, which crosses over from a legal use of such weapons,” said Judge Reeds. 

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