'Stainy Baths' dirty puddle pool photo causes stir in Doncaster village

A prankster who posted a sign above a huge dirty puddle and dubbed it ‘Stainy Baths’ has caused a stir in a Doncaster village.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 2:02 pm

The notice was pinned to a breezeblock wall in Stainforth above a massive puddle and read: “Stainy Baths – free entry, no bombing, no petting, no s****ing in the pool, no p***ing in the pool.”

It is not known when the sign was posted above the puddle – or who it was put there by.

And it is understood the notice – posted in Stonyford Drive has since been removed.

The huge dirty puddle was dubbed 'Stainy Baths' by a prankster.

The picture has been widely circulated in Stainforth – known by many locals as ‘Stainy.’

While some have taken the joke in good spirits others were upset.

One said: “To be honest, it’s in poor taste and not funny at all,” while another wrote: “How childish. Stainforth gets enough stick as it is.”

Another wrote: “Lighten up everyone, it’s just a bit of a laugh and we all need that.”