Sport motivation expert at Barnsley Academy

Fran Millar at Barnsley Academy
Fran Millar at Barnsley Academy

A co-founder of Team Sky, the world’s number one cycling team, dropped by Barnsley Academy to inform and inspire students and staff there.

Fran Millar grew up in a cycling family and is now Head of Winning Behaviours for Team Sky.

Her role requires that she look after the group’s values, culture and people, with a keen focus on continuous improvement, ensuring every member of the team is constantly striving to get the best performance.

With a lifelong passion for cycling, Fran first worked alongside Team Sky’s head Sir David Brailsford in 2007, later joining him in 2009 to set up Team Sky, which went on to achieve Tour De France victories twice.

It was after that, in 2013, that her latest role was introduced.

Fran met with students and staff at Barnsley Academy, to talk about her work, join students in question and answer sessions and to give some first hand insight in to what makes a world beating team.

Barnsley Academy’s Executive Principal Nikki Shaw said: “Having previously seen Fran give a presentation on winning behaviours at a United Learning event, I was keen for her to come and visit the academy and pass on some of her expertise to our staff and students.

“She really is an inspiration and we are very grateful to her for giving up her time to come to Barnsley Academy.”

Fran’s older brother David was 18 years in the sport as a professional.

Before taking up her current role, Fran was Head of Business Operations with Team Sky which involved taking care of all the ‘off bike’ functions.

This varied from marketing and communications to all the legal and commercial aspects involved in running a top outfit.

She said that she is very proud of the team’s achievements, and hopes for continued growth in the future.