'Spice zombie' filmed standing motionless on South Yorkshire high street in worrying video

This is the disturbing moment a drugged-up man was filmed standing motionless on a South Yorkshire high-street after reportedly taking the drug spice.

Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 11:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:24 pm
Man on spice in Doncaster - Picture: Joshua Verhees

*Warning, this video contains strong language.*

In the shocking video, the man is caught hunched over with his hands by his knees in the middle of a busy pavement.

Man on spice in Doncaster - Picture: Joshua Verhees

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Joshua Verhees, capturing the footage, approaches the man before goading him and asking 'are you having a good dance there mate?'

He then asks 'who the **** is this guy?' before declaring that 'we've got a zombie nation on spice'.

The footage, uploaded to Doncaster Uncovered Facebook page, has now gone viral with more than 50,000 views and has been shared thousands of times.

Despite zooming in on the man's face and announcing it would 'make his day' if he fell over, Joshua said his intention was to make people aware of the drug's dangers.

Man on spice in Doncaster - Picture: Joshua Verhees

He said: "We all feel sorry for these people addicted to this drug known as spice. But the fact of the matter its happening in our town centre, scaring children and parents.

"I have videos from two separate occasions of people affected when on the drug and it's scary. Not just to their health but to others them.

"They have no control over their bodies or their reaction.

"One girl messaged me thanking me for publicly for the video because she has had a man on spice falling into her pram with a child inside."

"The council and the police need to sort this out as it's ruining Doncaster."

The cheap, synthetic drug was made illegal last year but the change in law has seemingly done little to affect its popularity,

Many similar videos have been shared across different towns in the UK of users reduced to a comatose-like state after taking the drug.

Joshua said he has had some negative reaction to his video, after laughing at the man with the drug problem during the footage.

"Can you say a word? You're Facebook famous. Are you going to fall over? Go on, it will make my day. Who the **** is this guy?" Joshua laughs.

Despite some negative reaction, Joshua said that the footage shows that the drug users need to be kept out of the public view.

The video has attracted thousands of comments with some reacting angrily while others thankful that the problem had been highlighted.

Laura Cooke said: "People taking drugs off their head in front of people disgust me, why should my kids have to see that?! Do it in your own home or away from people!"

Laura Tracey Goodband said: "This is so sad no one knows what it's come to for this guy ,social care have a lot to answer for."

Tracey Bennett said: "I think this is quite scary. I feel sorry for his parents, I would hate to think my kids got their kicks from this or any drug."

Becca Matthewman said: "It's quite alarming the number of people that can be seen during the video doing nothing . Why do people stand by and watch like this lad is some sort of show."

Simon Tabor said: "Disgusting Doncaster Council allow this sort of behaviour. Both the police and the council are letting Doncaster people down.

"They ought to be ashamed about the way they are handling the town centre, if it's not sorted out soon it will be too late."