Speaker plan sparks anger

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Plans to have loud speakers at Epworth Baptist Church were expected to be approved this week despite concerns over noise from residents.

A planning application shows that the church wants permission to use the speakers without needing prior written consent from the local planning authority.

The applicants want to use the sound system to “address the congregation and to amplify musical instruments and voices for people to hear and participate.”

Three letters of objection have been submitted by local residents who claim the loud music will cause noise disturbance.

They also state there is no need for a loud speaker system as the building is only small.

Epworth Town Council also said noise should not be above reasonable levels.

But planning officers at North Lincolnshire Council accepted there is a need for such a system in the church and recommended the plans for approval.

Officers say the loud speaker system can only be operated at the church between the hours of 9am and 9.30pm on any day.

It is also recommended that all windows and external doors must be closed whenever the loud speaker system is in use.

The scheme was due to go before the planning board meeting at North Lincolnshire Council on Wednesday as the Epworth Bells went to press.