South Yorkshire youngsters are challenged to read and win


A reading challenge across South Yorkshire could win one lucky school a brand new reading corner worth over £1000.

The award-winning education charity Achievement for All is launching the One Million Minutes reading challenge in South and West Yorkshire and has teamed up with Peters Books and Furniture to reward the class that reads the most minutes in just one week!

The challenge comes to South Yorkshire on November 25 until December 2.

Children will receive special bookmarks to log their reading minutes at home and at school. All that teachers have to do is collate the class total each day and log it on the Million Minutes website.

Teachers can register as many classes as they wish, inspiring children to read throughout the whole school and increase their chances of winning! Classes can see how well they are doing and race against each other by accessing the specially designed online leaderboard known as the “Readometer”.

The class that reads for the most amount of minutes and tops the leaderboard at the end of the week, will win the exciting new reading corner packed full of books worth over £1,000.

Research shows just ten minutes of extra reading a day can have a huge impact on a child’s education. Recent statistics show a quarter of all children leave primary education without reading well. In England, struggling to read is more closely linked to low pay and the risk of being unemployed than in any other developed country.

CEO and founder of Achievement for All, Professor Sonia Blandford, said: “Just ten minutes of reading a day can make such a difference to a child, that’s really the minimum we as parents should be striving for. But we hope this challenge is going to see children doing far more than that. We hope all primary school teachers will sign their class up to the challenge, and celebrate literacy and a love of reading by making One Million Minutes part of their school day.”