South Yorkshire town named as one of UK's most affordable places to buy a home

A town in South Yorkshire has been named as one of the UK's most affordable places to buy a home.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 1st May 2017, 3:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:47 pm
More than four in five homes for sale in Doncaster are reportedly listed for less than the average UK house value
More than four in five homes for sale in Doncaster are reportedly listed for less than the average UK house value

Doncaster is placed 15th in a new list showing the percentage of properties by location being advertised for sale below the national average house price.

Of the 857 homes for sale there, 720, or 84 per cent, are on the market for less than the UK average, according to figures compiled by online estate agents

Hull has the highest proportion of homes available below the national average, at 91.9 per cent, and London has the fewest, with 4.2 per cent.

Five of the 16 most affordable towns or cities on the list, which only includes places with 150 or more properties listed for sale, are in Yorkshire.

Alex Gosling, chief executive of, said: "The lack of affordable properties in the UK has become a recurring theme as house prices have continued to rise. So, it will probably come as a surprise to many people, that there are still major towns and cities where almost every property for sale is below the UK average house price.

"Average salaries in these areas may still restrict people from buying a property but at least there's a pool of properties that someone with a small deposit could afford. And towns such as Hull and Grimsby offer hope to the many first-time buyers trying to climb on the property ladder, with more than half of the current stock on the market below £100,000.

“The picture is very different in the south of England and Bath and Brighton are classic examples. Both are extremely popular cities, particularly for Londoners wanting to move out and enjoy a better quality of life.

"But prices have rocketed as a result and moved away from many buyers. Less than 10 per cent of properties in these cities are below the average UK property price, and properties under £100k are almost extinct. First-time buyers, unless they have help from parents, are facing the prospect of holding off buying until well into their 30s, if at all."