South Yorkshire schoolgirl's emotional bid to track down resting place of dead father

Sarah and Megan Knowles.
Sarah and Megan Knowles.

A heartbroken schoolgirl is appealing for your help to find the final resting place of the dead father she has never met.

Megan Knowles was devastated when she found out for the first time last year that her dad David Hackleton had killed himself over a decade ago when she was just a baby.

The 14-year-old never met him as her mum Sarah had split up from him while she was still pregnant.

But the youngster is now determined to track down where her father is buried - so she can at last lay flowers at his graveside and pay her final respects.

She has penned a series of heartfelt poems and posted them to Facebook as part of her bid to find out where he is.

One reads: "Why you left so soon, we may never understand,

"You'll be alone no longer, and you'd tell us, 'don't be sad',

"Please believe, you were no burden, I'll always love you dad."

Mum Sarah, aged 32, of Barnsley, said: "She has been heartbroken but she just wants to find where he is. It would bring closure for her."

An inquest heard in 2005 how David died after throwing himself in front of a train.

The court was told how the 27-year-old had been haunted by the fact that he failed to save his dying brother Phil Hurrell, aged 29, from cancer.

David was a perfect bone marrow match but had cut himself off from family after their parents divorced and they did not know where he lived.

Phil, of Doncaster, made a heartfelt appeal on a regional news programme and David called up out the blue saying he was living in Worsbrough, Barnsley.

But hopes of saving his brother were dashed when hospital tests revealed it was too late for the transplant and Phil died a short while after.

David, who lived in Darfield, Barnsley, later killed himself on a railway line in November 2004.

More than a decade later, Sarah told how daughter Megan had grown up believing another man whom she was in a long-term relationship with was her dad.

However, as she got older she started asking questions about why her dad's name was not on her birth certificate.

Said Sarah: "She was upset but is very brave and wants to pay her respects at his graveside. We asked Barnsley Town Hall about it but they couldn't tell us anything as his name is not on the birth certificate.

"We can't seem to get anywhere so far, so if anyone can help please get in touch."

Any information can be emailed to carol@abc-inflatables.org.uk