South Yorkshire Police dog thrown 25ft through air after being hit by car

Police dog Dexter
Police dog Dexter

A South Yorkshire Police dog is recovering from a collision with a car in which he was thrown 25ft through the air.

Dexter was on duty in Doncaster when he stepped into the path of a car travelling at 30mph.

Earlier in his shift he sniffed out a stash of drugs and tracked down suspect who had jumped over garden fences to avoid capture.

His handler was about to give Dexter a reward for his efforts when he said the dog became 'a little distracted' after spotting another dog.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Dexter wanted to say hello. Sadly he stepped into the road and was hit by a passing vehicle.

"Dexter's handler was at his side in seconds and rushed off to the vets where Dexter was put on a drip and treated for his injuries.

"Dexter had some internal bleeding but fortunately nothing was broken or serious.

"He was released from hospital on Friday and is on kennel rest but he is going to make a full recovery."

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