South Yorkshire firefighters search for man stuck between railings in unknown location for three hours

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Stock picture.

Firefighters in South Yorkshire spent almost three hours last night searching for a man who had become trapped between railings - but didn’t know where he was.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue received a call from the man, who it is believed had been out drinking, at around 9.15pm.

He told staff that he had fallen off a wall, banged his head and was stuck between some railings outside a house, but he couldn’t tell them where he was.

10 firefighters from Rivelin and Central fire stations were quickly sent out to search for the man, who was eventually found at around midnight on Reservoir Road, Crookes, Sheffield.

Members of staff in the control room stayed on the phone with the lost man while crew members searched for him. They used GPS technology from his phone to narrow down their search to within 200 metres of his location.

A spokesman from Rivelin fire station said: “The man said he was on his way home and he had tried to get over a wall and had fallen and hit his head. Staff in the control room said it sounded as if he had been drinking and he was difficult to understand. They said at some points he went quiet, and we were worried he may have concussion. He couldn’t say where he was, he just said he was stuck between some railings outside a posh house.

“There were also five or six police officers out looking for him and the police helicopter. When we went out it was only four degrees so we were concerned about his safety and worried he may also get hypothermia - that’s why the search was so big and wide.

“The control room staff were on the phone with him while we were searching. They had told him to shout out as loud as he could in case we could hear him. In the end, his phone went dead so we lost contact with him but he carried on shouting and a neighbour heard him and took him inside. They called an ambulance and he was taken to Northern General Hospital for a check up.”