South Yorkshire firefighters' in barbecue safety warning

Fire service.
Fire service.

South Yorkshire firefighters have issued safety advice to those planning a barbecue as the temperatures continue to rise.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said outdoor cooking carries a potential fire risk if barbecues are used incorrectly.

The brigade has now issued a number of handy hints to try and avoid potential fires getting out of control.

Trevor Bernard, head of community safety, said: “All we are saying is before you get started with the sausages and kebabs, take a minute to decide where you’re going to site it. Then, when the coals are properly cooled, dispose of them safely.”

A brigade issued the following tips:-

*Site the barbecue on a flat surface well away from trees, shrubs and grassland

*Keep a bucket of water or sand close by, just in case the flames get out of control

*Never use petrol or paraffin on a barbecue, only recognised lighters and starter fuels

*Make sure the coals have properly cooled before disposal and empty ashes onto bare soil, not into the bin.