South Yorkshire fire chiefs warn: ‘don’t drink and cook’

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South Yorkshire fire chiefs are warning residents not to ‘drink and cook’ after being called out to a number of fires caused by people preparing food after boozing.

Crews were sent out to tackle two fires caused by people accidentally causing kitchen fires when cooking while under the influence of alcohol in just 24 hours.

Both fires occurred on Wednesday evening, one in the Balby area of Doncaster and one in Walkley, Sheffield, and led to one person being hospitalised for smoke inhalation.

And now South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Group Manager Andy Hayter is urging people in Doncaster and across the region to recognise the dangers of cooking food after drinking alcohol.

He told The Star: “I don’t think people realise quite how dangerous it can be to start cooking something when they’re a little worse for wear.”

Mr Hayter added: “It often happens when people have gone out, or have been drinking in their homes, and decide to make some food.

“More often that not we’re brought in when someone has fallen asleep, and left the food cooking, causing it to catch fire.

“The couple of incidents that happened this week could have been much, much worse if we had got there later.

“So if you’re thinking about eating while drunk, order a takeaway, go out for food or prepare something beforehand. And always make sure you have a fire alarm fitted.”