South Yorkshire commuters express frustration over rail network chaos

Dan Jarvis and train services.
Dan Jarvis and train services.

South Yorkshire commuters have shared their travel frustrations after timetable changes sparked chaos on the railways.

Alterations introduced by rail operator Northern last month has seen a lack of drivers and cancelled services causing disruption across the rail network.

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The company has reportedly aborted 2, 200 services in the last fortnight, with more than 200 cancelled or heavily delayed yesterday alone.

It is now set to introduce an ‘interim timetable’ on Monday in which 165 daily services are thought to have been cancelled until the end of July.

Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis, who commutes from Barnsley to Sheffield, laid into the train operator and said using the service was like “going back in time.”

A number of Sheffield Star readers have now taken to Facebook to also share their frustrations over the disruptions.

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Will Dowling said: “Increasing the frequency of trains when there aren’t any new trains - all they’re doing is spreading the service thinner. More trains with fewer carriages doesn’t solve problems, especially when the new services are being cancelled.

“You just end up with fewer trains with fewer carriages. I don’t miss commuting from Meadowhall to Leeds every day.”

Emily Geraghty claimed that a rush-hour evening service from Rotherham to Sheffield “is now two carriages rather than four - I thought the timetable change was to improve the service?”

Leigh Brown posted that since the timetable change trains are “still delayed” and with fewer carriages.

Mr Jarvis was due to meet with the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling on Thursday to see what can be done.

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David Brown, managing director of Northern, said: “Our plans for modernisation are not all being delivered in the way we want. We are doing everything we can to minimise cancellations and delays and keep our customers informed.”