South Yorkshire business centre issues hilarious Donald Trump-inspired appeal for thieves to stop stealing their TOILET BRUSHES

The sign at DMC.
The sign at DMC.

A South Yorkshire business centre has issued a hilarious appeal inspired by one of Donald Trump's speeches urging thieves to stop sealing their loo brushes.

Signs at the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley threaten to 'build a wall' around their toilet brushes and 'make you pay for them' unless the spate of thefts stop.

Barnsley Digital Media Centre.

Barnsley Digital Media Centre.

The quirky appeal echoes speeches made by US President Trump who pledged to build a wall on America's southern border and 'make Mexico pay for it'.

The sign at the centre, which provides digital media support to new businesses, reads: "We know our loo brushes are fantastic. They're the greatest loo brushes.

"But somebody is taking our toilet brushes and depriving honest, hardworking brushes of an opportunity to make the toilet bowls great again.

"I want to make our toilets great again! DMC toilets for DMC people and visitors.

"So please stop taking our toilet brushes or we will build a big wall around them and make you pay for it.

"Make DMC toilets great again!

"President Trump (Not really)."