'Sounded like an explosion:' Mystery bang heard across Doncaster and as far as Worksop

A mystery 'explosion' was heard across large parts of Doncaster last night.

Friday, 20th April 2018, 9:13 am
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 9:16 am
The explosion was heard across large parts of Doncaster.

People across town reported hearing a loud bang just before 11.15pm - with residents in Wheatley, Armthorpe, Scawthorpe Intake and Edenthorpe among those hearing the noise.

There were even suggestions the noise had been heard as far afield as Worksop and Conisbrough.

Several people took to Facebook trying to find the source of the bang which is understood to have woken some from their sleep.

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One said: "Did anyone else hear that explosion? There's just been a really massive bang outside."

There have been several suggestions of the source of the noise including a shotgun being fired while others suggested a firework. There were also suggestions that it might have been a sonic boom caused by a jet - but there have been no reports of aircraft activity over Doncaster at that time.

One Facebook user said: "It sounded too loud for a firework to me. I felt the house shake."

People in Clay Lane, Kirk Sandall and Dunsville also reported hearing the noise.

Kathleen Borthwick said: "Yes I heard it and thought it was thunder here in Scawthorpe" while John Lowndes said: "I live in Wheatley and I heard it."

Tammy Cunnah posted: "I heard it in Conisbrough, thought it was a shot gun being fired."

Eleanor Stenson added: "I heard it in Balby."

And Kerianne Thorlbycoy said: "I heard it in Worksop I thought it was gun shots - sounded like an explosion!"

However, not everyone head the explosion.

Chrissi Johnsen said: "Didn't hear a thing in Wheatley and I was in the garden."

Josh Wilkinson added: "I didn’t hear nothing and was in garden chilling."