SONIC BOOM: Conspiracy theorists ask: Are we being told truth about Doncaster 'explosions'?

Is this evidence of something more sinister?
Is this evidence of something more sinister?

Sonic booms created by Typhoon jets over Doncaster - or UFOs or a Russian invasion?

The official line from the Ministry of Defence over last night's drama in the skies above Doncaster is that the deafening noises at around 9.45pm were sonic booms created by RAF jets scrambled to intercept an Air France airliner that had lost radio contact on its descent into Newcastle Airport.

But conspiracy theories have now started to surface about the incident - with scores of people taking to social media to claim a Government cover-up or something more sinister.

Russ Clarke wrote on Facebook: "The government only tell you what you NEED to know...NOT what the truth is. They are all corporate liars, towing the secret line. Remember that people!!"

Dawn Roper was another who failed to be convinced by the official explanation and said: "Nope I think it's one big cover up - something more to last night sounds."

Discussing a similar incident in February when RAF jets were scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft, Carl Jowett, said: "The story is the same as what we're being told about what happened last night.

"I know what I think but the media and the news reports have tried to do a cover up about what really happened."

Dave Brodie added: "More to this than is being let on I reckon.....some sort of x files s***."

And Paul Ridsdale, questioning where the plane had landed, said: "Newcastle? ? So why did they land at Leeds Bradford? ? More to this than meets the eye."

Others wanted to know why flight radar trackers - which track civilian and military aircraft in the skies above Britain - appeared to show a plane circling above the North Sea long after the drama had concluded.

UFOs and an attack by so-called Islamic State were also suggested as possible reasons for the scrambling of the Typhoons from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Those who hadn't heard the booms claim that was evidence nothing had happened while others claimed we and other local media were complicit in the cover-up.

It comes just days after another mystery early morning 'explosion' in South Yorkshire.

Last week, a blast was heard by people across South Yorkshire and was also reportedly also heard 30 miles away on the other side of the Pennines.

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The "massive bang" was supposedly heard in the Rotherham and Meadowhall area at around 5.15am last Thursday - but there were no reports of fires or explosions in the area.

Others later came forward to say they also heard the blast - with one saying it was reportedly heard in Saddleworth between Sheffield and Manchester, more than 30 miles away.

And it is not the first time South Yorkshire residents have been left puzzled by mysterious explosions.

Last October, residents in Long Sandall, Doncaster were left baffled by a massive late night noise with no obvious signs of what had caused the explosion or evidence of damage.

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Andrew Hill said: “I felt the whole house shake and windows were rattling.
“I went outside and could see smoke near the rail crossing but there were no obvious signs of what had happened.

And in November 2014, several loud 'mystery bangs' that shook windows baffled people across the country.

Dozens of Twitter users from London to Glasgow claimed to have heard the strange noises, which sounded like fireworks or loud aircraft.