'Someone will be killed' fear over speeding drivers on Sheffield road

Emergency services at the scene.
Emergency services at the scene.

Residents fear someone will be killed unless something is done to tackle speeding drivers on their road after a family was injured in a collision.

People living in Retford Road, Handsworth, spoke out after car carrying four people, including a child, was hit by another yesterday afternoon.

And in a shocking twist impatient drivers were spotted ignoring the 'road closed' signs and continuing down the road while emergency services were tending to casualties.

Residents say this is the latest in a long line of incidents caused by drivers often going at twice the 30mph speed limit.

Amanda Leivers, aged 52, who has lived on the road for 16 years, fears it is only a matter of time before someone is killed in a serious accident unless something is done to tackle motorists flouting the speed limit.

She said: "You are dicing with death every time you pull out of your driveway. And Handsworth Grange Community Sports College is not far away and the children often walk down the road.

"I really fear that a kid will get run over and then it will be too late.

"The road is 30mph but they go at 50 or 60mph. It is a long straight road and on a hill which they absolutely fly over. It is like joining a motorway when you get on the road.

"There must have been 10 accidents here in my time. My husband Kevin is a first aider and he's always out offering help after collisions. It's like a second job."

She added that a One Stop Shop is soon to open on the road which will boost traffic and increase risk to school kids using a nearby bus stop.

Said Mrs Leivers: "They will go to the shop and kids being kids I can see them running over the road to the bus stop without looking."

She called for better signage, more police speed checks and for the council to look at introducing speed bumps.

Residents are now considering getting a petition together to present to Sheffield Council in a bid to force them into action.

Sunday's collision at 1.20pm was between a Vauxhall Insignia and a Mini, containing the family, who were all taken to hospital.

South Yorkshire Police criticised drivers for ignoring the road closure signs.

An operational support services spokesman said: "This closure is to keep the area safe for the emergency services to work in - not for impatient drivers to drive around road closures signs and try to squeeze past us.

"If we put a police car across the road with flashing blue lights and road closure signs it means you can't go that way."

South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Council have been asked for comment and we are awaiting a reply.