Some drivers seem to be PARKING mad

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A fun Facebook page highlights serious illegal and dangerous parking practices

Ever hurriedly pulled up in a supermarket and not quite managed to get your car between the white lines in the parking space?

Or have you parked your wheels on a double yellow line on the school run, or left your pride and joy halfway up a kerb, simply for ease and convenience?
If that sounds like you, then beware - because your days of ropey parking could be numbered.

For bad drivers in Doncaster are now being named and shamed through an overnight internet sensation.

A Facebook group aimed at highlighting examples of poor parking in the town has proved a smash hit on the web with more than 7,300 people signing up to post pictures and comments about cars which cause headaches for other motorists.

The page, entitled “Parking Like A **** In Doncaster,” has already seen dozens of pictures uploaded by irate locals since launching earlier this month.

Examples include cars parked across two bays, motors squeezed into tight spots, vehicles dumped on kerbs and verges, and cars parked in disabled and parent-only bays outside supermarkets.

There is even a photo of a Land Rover parked on a pile of snow outside the town centre branch of Tesco, and a car dumped on a pedestrian area outside the Asda store on Bawtry Road.

Cars have been snapped in town centre car parks, outside the Keepmoat Stadium, at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and outside schools as well as on town centre streets.

The founder of the group, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he has been amazed at the response.

He said: “I started it as a bit of a joke really. I saw a couple of bad examples and put them up and then people just started sharing their own.

“We went from having 60 people liking the group to 2,000 in one day and it has just kept growing and growing.

“It is a bit of fun more than anything but it has really spiralled and got people interested. I think lots of people don’t like bad parking and this is their way of naming and shaming them.”

But some have criticised the group for exposing motorists and accusing snappers of a breach of privacy.

He added: “We get hundreds of emails and photos a day and some people say we shouldn’t be doing it, but all the cars are in public places so its not an issue.”

However, most people seem to view the group as a bit of fun with photos being uploaded from all over Doncaster.

One poster on the group said: “I commend you on shaming these people who put the love of their car above their respect for other people.

“It is amusing and annoying in equal measure to see what some of these berks deem to be acceptable parking.”

Another said: “Brilliant. I can’t wait to find some examples of bad parking and post them on here.”

And Doncaster Council has pledged to clamp down on anyone causing problems when it comes to finding a parking spot.

A spokesman said: “Dangerous and illegal parking causes problems for pedestrians, residents, traders and other road users and the council uses civil parking enforcement to undertake parking enforcement.

“Civil Enforcement Officers are a regular sighting across the borough serving residents and motorists alike. We don’t just hand out tickets, but play a vital role in keeping the town moving by keeping important routes clear and ensuring fair parking for residents, businesses and visitors.”