'So much love and understanding:" Family of disabled Rotherham fan abused by Doncaster Rovers supporters speak out

The family of a disabled Rotherham United fan who was abused by two Doncaster Rovers supporters have spoken out for the first time since the shocking incident.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 10th September 2021, 4:33 pm

Stimming is when a person makes unusual and repetitive gestures such as rocking or flapping in noisy environments to help them cope with stressful situations.

The pair were filmed mocking a disabled Rotherham United fan.

The family, who wish to remain anonymous have described the incident as ‘sad’ and thanked fans of both clubs for their ‘love and understanding’ – as well as Sarah Feher, the Rotherham fan who captured the incident on camera to shame the pair.

In an open letter, shared by Doncaster Rovers, they wrote: “We would like to thank South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham United, Doncaster Rovers and both sets of fans for their overwhelming support and kindness following the sad incident which occurred during the local derby.

“We would like to give a special mention to Sarah Feher whose quick thinking has brought the unacceptable behaviour of those individuals in question to light.

“We never knew that there was so much love and understanding out there and we would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has shown their support.

“Thanks again.”

Doncaster Rovers said in a statement: “The deplorable acts of the individuals in question came to light on social media in the aftermath of the fixture which took place on August 28 and were condemned by fans of both clubs.

“The family – who wish to remain anonymous – were incredibly grateful for the response from both clubs, their supporters and South Yorkshire Police and have requested that the letter be shared.

“Doncaster Rovers has a zero-tolerance approach to any and all forms of discrimination and would like to thank Rotherham United and South Yorkshire Police for their help in identifying the individuals in question.

It is understood the pair have now been banned.