SLIDESHOW: Isle Lose It Boot Camp are pumpkin iron

WHILE many make use of pumpkins for soup following Halloween, dozens of folk have found a different use – weight training.

The Isle Lose It fitness group swapped kettle bell weights for pumpkins as it staged a special Halloween themed workout.

Around 60 people attended the session at the Thurlow in Station Road, Epworth, which proved that when it comes to getting fit, a simple pumpkin is just as effective as a fancy gym.

Sue Taylor, bootcamp coach and weight loss expert, said: “You can use a pumpkin just like a kettle bell except it doesn’t have a handle on top.”

The group held a collection on the evening for the family of Alexander Strong, from Epworth, who is battling a rare form of cancer. Five members of the camp have also completed a parachute jump in aid of the family.

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