Signs encourage visitors to love Doncaster area villages

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BARNBURGH and Harlington Parish Council is encouraging residents and visitors to keep their corner of Doncaster tidy with new signage installed on the main roads into the villages.

The signage forms part of the Parish Council’s pledge of support for the Love Where You Live campaign and it is hoped that it will discourage drivers from throwing litter from vehicles on their way through the picturesque rural villages.

David Packham, Chairman of Barnburgh and Harlington Parish Council, said: “We were delighted to show our support for the Love Where You Live campaign by including an anti-litter message on our boundary signage.

“We are really proud of the area and know that many of our villagers are already actively involved in making a difference to Doncaster – but we want to remind everyone that they have a part to play in keeping Barnburgh and Harlington looking its best, even if they are only passing through.”

The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Cynthia Ransome, who is Cabinet Member for Communities; Street Scene; Environmental Protection; Waste and Recycling said: “We need everyone across Doncaster to back our award-winning Love Where You Live campaign and I would like to encourage all parish councils across the borough to follow the lead of Barnburgh and Harlington by signing up and starting to mobilise local volunteers.

“I also want to once more encourage motorists and their passengers to take their litter home rather than hurling it on our roads. Our roadsides are not suitable litter bins and council enforcement officers will issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone caught throwing litter from a vehicle.”