Sickening moment woman drags whimpering dog in mid-air by its neck down South Yorkshire street

Dog being dragged by its lead
Dog being dragged by its lead

Shocking pictures have been shared online of a woman dragging a dog in mid-air by its lead down a South Yorkshire street.

The shocking incident, pictured by a passerby, happened on Main Street in Mexborough at around 11pm last night.

In the pictures, a man and woman are seen walking down the street while the woman holds the dog in mid-air by its lead.

The dog can be seen dangling in mid-air with the lead around its neck.

Eye-witnesses said that they could hear the dog "crying and yelping in pain" while it was being held in mid-air by its lead.

Robyn-May Maris said she was heartbroken after seeing the dog being "strangled".

She said: "The dog was crying and yelping and was struggling like it was being strangled. I then panicked and decided to take a photo.

"I ran inside and told my partner who then advised me to try and get a closer picture. Afterwards, I went straight home and rang the police and the RSPCA.

"I was heartbroken from what I saw and ran inside to my partner and started to cry."

The RSPCA said that the details of the incident have now been passed on to an officer to assess the "best course of action".

Robyn's post on Facebook has been shared hundreds of times with many users leaving comments "outraged" at the treatment of the dog.

If you have any more information on the incident, ring police on 101.