Siblings meet after 42 years, and they worked for the same company

A Doncaster woman met the brother she never knew she had - and believes they had often spoken on the phone without knowing their link.

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:48 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:11 am
Gill Redman has met her brother Jason for the first time

Gill Redman finally met up with Jason Redman last month, after only learning in recent years that she had another brother.

The pair had lived, unaware of each other’s existence, for 42 years since Jason’s birth.

When they finally made contact, they were stunned to learn they were both Stoneacre Motor Group staff.

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Gill, 52, is a receptionist at the Thorne head office, while Jason, 42, works in Durham.

Gill was certain the pair would have spoken on the phone many times.

“But we never would have found out each other’s last names,” she said.

Gill found out she had another brother ‘some years ago’ when her father, Joe, sat down and told the family.

She searched in London’s National Archives for her brother’s birth records, but came back empty-handed.

A failed attempt at contact in the form of a letter came before Gill’s nephew, Danny, found Jason on Facebook.

That same day, in January, she and the family buried their father.

“I felt like my dad had put us together,” Gill said.

She was amazed to see a photo of Jason in a Stoneacre jumper. They have worked for the same company for two years.

Gill made contact on Facebook, but she said she was hesitant, in case Jason didn’t want to meet her.

“And he didn’t have the courage in case I didn’t want to meet him,” she said.

The pair finally met at a motorway services at Wetherby.

Gill was delighted to find they shared behavioural traits and interests.

“We have so much in common,” she said.

“I felt he was like me, with a similar personality.

“Honestly, it was amazing.”

There are more family for Jason to meet. He and Gill’s four siblings are yet to make contact.

“I’m hoping to have a family get-together,” Gill said.