Sheridan Smith lands another big role

Sheridan Smith
Sheridan Smith

LIFE is increasingly busy for Epworth superstar Sheridan Smith, as she jets between jobs and across the globe.

The versatile 31-year-old, currently in the limelight for hit film Quartet, has begun work as a brunette on a TV drama Dates, before shooting off to Turkey to star in a comedy film, Belly Dancing for Beginners. And she just finished filming a new series of Jonathan Creek.

But Sheridan has also landed a coveted role that is still under wraps. This upcoming film - a musical - is “special,” the Bells was told.

Speaking from her home in Station Road, Epworth, Sheridan’s mum Marilyn, said: “The new film has yet to be formally announced but Sheridan’s really delighted with it and so is her agent. All I can say is that it’s a musical, so Sheridan will be singing. She’s excited.”

The star will tackle Shakespeare, as Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream later in the year, with David Walliams.

And, said her mum, Sheridan is “delighted, honoured and petrified” to be hosting the Olivier Awards at the Royal Opera House in London on April 28.

“It’s a prestigious event but quite nerve wracking for her,” said Marilyn, who will be there on the night with husband Colin.

The proud parents, who perform in Doncaster each week as singing duo Mark and Madeline Dalton, had their own brush with fame last week, when approached by a Britain’s Got Talent scout.

“We were asked to go and be fast-tracked to the show’s final audition, to appear in front of Simon Cowell, but with very short notice,” laughed Marilyn. “I asked if it was because of Sheridan and the scout said no, and asked if she was a singer too.

“Apparently they had picked us up from Youtube. We turned it down as it was too difficult to arrange.”