Sheridan dons sea shells for movie role

Sheridan Smith as Michelle in The Harry Hill Movie.
Sheridan Smith as Michelle in The Harry Hill Movie.

There’s something fishy going on with Sheridan Smith’s latest film role ... she’s dressed entirely in sea shells.

The Epworth starlet donned sea weed, star fish and crustaceans for her role as ‘Shell Girl’ in The Harry Hill Movie, out tomorrow.

Her mum, Marilyn Smith, of Station Road, said: “She said she had great fun and she really enjoyed being with the whole crew including Harry Hill and Johnny Vegas.

“The shell costume was just amazing.”

Sheridan’s ‘undersea shell person’ character steals Hill’s heart in the film, which also stars Julie Walters and Matt Lucas.

She wore different-sized shells all over her head and body, with bits of sea weed hanging down from her waist and orange starfish for hands.

The film is comedian Harry Hill’s first leap from the small to the big screen. He came up with the idea as TV Burp – his hit show which raked through the week’s TV, digging out amusing blunders or inserting hilarious innuendos into scenes – reached its conclusion in 2012.

It sees Hill and his petrol-drinking grandmother, Nan, (played by Julie Walters) taking pet hamster Abu (voiced by Johnny Vegas) to the vet (Simon Bird), who wrongly diagnoses him as terminally ill.

Thinking his hamster has only a week to live, they set off on a road trip to Blackpool pursued by the evil vet.

Harry Hill said: “At last, to be able to tell the world the true story of my hamster’s struggle on the big screen and even more excited to be working with some of the comedy greats of the British film industry.”

He said he was delighted to get such big names, including Sheridan and Julie Walters, on board with his bizarre movie idea.

The premiere was held this week and Marilyn said Sheridan - who won a BAFTA for her role in Mrs Biggs earlier this year - was hoping to get home for Christmas afterwards.

“We’re hoping she will manage to get home for Christmas,” said Marilyn.

“She just relaxes when she comes home and plays with the dogs.

“We just have a nice, family Christmas like everyone else. We just relax, chill out and have a laugh.

“She just loves coming home because it’s so different to her life in London.”

The Harry Hill movie took about eight weeks to film in locations across the UK and was directed by Steve Bendelack, who also directed popular comedy film Mr Bean’s Holiday.

Marilyn said 31-year-old Sheridan has an exciting 2014 ahead.

“She’ll move onto the next one now,” she said.

“She’s a busy young lady - she is doing some BBC TV work and a film next year.

“She’s very busy. It’s one thing after another. She’s doing so well.”