Sheffield man furious after his mother is subjected to foul-mouthed racial slur by Tesco employee

A Sheffield man was left furious after claiming that his mother was subjected to a "disgusting" racial slur by a Tesco employee.

Wednesday, 5th April 2017, 10:04 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:23 pm
Nighat Shariff (s)
Nighat Shariff (s)

Sobaan Shariff''s said that his mother, Nighat was travelling to London to visit him but decided to stop off on the way to pick up some shopping.

As Mrs Shariff was picking up food for her son in the Egham, Surrey branch, she said that a male employee turned to her before delivering the shocking insult.

Sobaan Shariff (s)

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Sobaan, 22, said: "My mum was shopping in Tesco at the Egham branch since she came to surprise me as I was very unwell.

"But, as she was shopping, a staff member turned around and said that 'f****** p**** are everywhere these days' as he was stacking shelves in the dairy section.

"The store manager was very close by, where she then explained what had happened and was told that the manager would have punched him if she were in her position."

"She told me she was very taken aback, but ignored it since she was more focused on me since that was the reason she travelled all the way here.

Tesco Egham branch - Google Maps

Sobaan, who is currently studying biology at Royal Holloway, University of London, said the store manager only gave his mother a receipt with an email address on to make a complaint.

When his mother left, Sobaan attempted to contact Tesco on the address given to his mother but said that his email bounced back as it was "written down incorrectly".

After spending an hour on the phone to customer services, Sobaan took to Facebook to share his story in a post which has been shared hundreds of times.

Sobaan later uploaded a photo of a response he receieved from the Tesco Egham store manager apologising for the "distress and upset" the incident had caused.

Sobaan Shariff (s)

The email stated: "I want to assure you that your complaint is being taken extremely seriously.

"Everyone is welcome in Tesco Egham and the incident described to us by your mother is completely unacceptable. This language and attitude has no place in our business.

"We are conducting a full investigation with the colleague in question."

The store manager also invited Sobaan and his mother back into the store to speak with her but Sobaan stressed his mother would not be returned to a store where "she was racially abused".

Tesco Egham branch - Google Maps

Despite the upsetting nature of the incident, Sobaan said he has been uplifted by the response to his post and thanked everyone who got in touch to help.

Posting on Facebook, Sobaan said: "Thank you to everyone who in the space of 24 hours demonstrated that we as a community will not tolerate discriminatory abuse against anyone.

"This should be regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or otherwise.

"Thank you to everyone who spoke up and shared this post, sent emails, tweets and generally voiced their outrage over this disgusting incident.

"Even more so to the members of Tesco staff at the Egham branch who voiced their disgust over a fellow colleague spouting such hateful comments to an elderly woman."

He added: "I've never had anything like this during my time in Egham and the response from everyone who saw this via Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive with everyone wanting to know how they can help.

"It's really given my mum so much confidence about the situation and made her feel better about what happened by taking this as far as possible to demonstrate that xenophobia and prejudice will not be tolerated."

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are treating this incident extremely seriously and we are investigating the complaint.”