Sheffield awaits mayhem with The Cat in the Hat!

The Cat in the Hat at the Lyceum, Sheffield
The Cat in the Hat at the Lyceum, Sheffield

Children’s favourite book The Cat in the Hat has been adapted for the stage and is coming to the Lyceum in Sheffield.

The book, written by Dr Seuss, tells the story of two bored children at home while their mum goes shopping.

They are visited by The Cat in the Hat, who creates mayhem with his friends, Thing One and Thing Two, to the horror of the talking goldfish!

We were able to put questions to The Cat, who answers in inimitable rhyming style.

Is the cat now old hat?

My story is surely

A lasting success

As we all love a story

About making a mess!

I like playing games

And the fun that it brings

But no matter how messy

I always pick up my playthings

What’s the cat with no hat?

A Cat with no hat?

What a sad sight I’d say

Without my red striped headwear

I’d not want to play

I’m so proud of my hat

It’s the tallest by far

I’ve not seen another

That looks so bizarre

Should The Cat be more dog?

More like a dog?

Imagine just that!

I think I’d be better

Staying just as a cat

We’re clever and nimble,

We’re classy and cool

All the dogs I know

Just sit there and drool!

How will the show be “lots of good fun that is funny”?

You’ve read in my book

About how I make fun

We’ve put it on stage

That’s what we’ve done!

There are big bouncy balls

And bubbles to pop

Once we begin

You’ll not want to stop

My favourite game

Is the balancing act

Holding so many things

It’s a challenge, that’s a fact

On the top of my hat

There’s a cup and a cake

And I hold up some books

And the fish on a rake!

Will the Things get to sing?

The Things will not sing

They don’t have the skill

But they squeal and they laugh

And they never sit still

Thing One and Thing Two

Are the funniest pair

Wherever they go

It is fun that they share

No matter the time

They like to play games

But they can be naughty

Despite their cute names!

Is the fish very swish?

The Fish that you know

Once lived on a page

But now he’s a puppet

Swimming over the stage

We go underwater

And swim with The Fish

There are bubbles all over

For the children to swish

What do you deduce about Dr Seuss?

He’s one of the literary

Greats of all time

There’s one thing I know

He sure likes to rhyme!

His fun is the funnest

That I’ve ever known

And that’s why his fan base

Has just grown and grown

Now many years after

He first thought of me

My story’s on stage

For all to come see

So come right along

For playtime with me

At the Lyceum Theatre

It’ll be such fun, you’ll see!

n The show runs from Sept 1 to 3. Tickets: 0114 249 6000/