Sheffield art students’ ‘herd’ creation on display

Sheffield college students with their art mentor and 'herd' elephant
Sheffield college students with their art mentor and 'herd' elephant

Design and visual arts students at Sheffield College created their own unique elephant to add to the charity campaign highlighted across the city this summer.

The brightly coloured college-sponsored elephant is placed on Paternoster Row. There are 58 large elephant sculptures and 72 small ones on show in the city for the Herd of Sheffield campaign.

College lecturer and local artist Ryan Morley mentored BTEC students Leona Bareham, 17, Melissa Barett, 19, Georgina Hogg, 18, and Holly Kempton, 22.

Their work, The Elements of an Elephant, imitates gold and silver leaf, with geometric sacred patterns.

Mr Morley said: “It’s been great for the students to be involved in such a high profile project, developing their industry related skills and experience.

“The design encompasses night and day, sun and moon, and flora and fauna using a colour palette sympathetic to nature and the magnificence of the wild Indian elephant.”

The campaign will conclude with an elephant auction to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Charity’s Artfelt programme, that transforms the hospital’s walls and spaces with bright and cheerful art work.

Visit to find out more about the initiative.