Serious collisions reducing on South Yorkshire roads

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The number of people killed or seriously injured on South Yorkshire’s roads fell last year, according to figures out today.

There were 469 serious or fatal collisions in South Yorkshire in 2014 compared to 481 the year before.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has published figures for each police force area in England and Wales, with 14 out of 43 areas seeing a reductio in serious collisions.

Derbyshire was one of the worst areas for serious or fatal collisions, with a 38 per cent increase last year - from 378 collisions to 522.

Official 2014 figures showed there were 1,775 reported road deaths in England and Wales in 2014 - a four per cent increase on the year before.

The number of people killed or seriously injured increased by five per cent, with 24,582 casualties reported.

Sarah Sillars, IAM’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We want to make clear that a one year comparison cannot be taken as an overall trend of what might be happening in any particular area.

“However 2014 was not a good year for accidents and it should serve as a wake-up call to every road safety partnership that they are under scrutiny and road safety must remain a priority as public sector spending cuts continue.

“With official figures putting the cost to society of every fatality at over £1.7 million, investment in road safety is money well spent.”