Second TV spot for Earth Centre site?

THE cameras could be rolling again at a former tourist attraction that starred in a BBC TV series.

Survivors, partly set in the Earth Centre, has been commissioned for a second series.

TV crews used the mothballed Conisbrough site last summer to film a number of key scenes that were included in the six-part series, which ran in November and December.

The programme is set in a post-apocalyptic Britain and follows a group of survivors after a mysterious flu-like bug kills more than 95 per cent of the world's population.

Producer Hugh Warren said that the Earth Centre's abandoned buildings provided the perfect backdrop.

He said: "I had heard of the centre and we had a location scout send us a few pictures which we were very interested in. It was a dream site for us and was ideal for what we wanted to shoot."

The site was central to a major storyline in which government minister Samantha Willis (played by Nikki Amuka-Bird) and a group of survivors set up camp in the eco-centre and attempted to create a new community.

But things turn sour and one of the survivors ends up the subject of a show trial in the centre's ampitheatre.

The crew was on location in June, July and August last year and Mr Warren hinted that the newly-commissioned second series may once again feature the centre.

Said Hugh: "It's too early to say yet, but I suspect it's a possibility that we will be back. We are working on new episodes now and are due to shoot the series in May, June and July."

The centre is also being used as a venue for paintball-style wargames.

Doncaster Council is yet to decide on a permanent use for the site.