Search for Andrew goes to every school

THE FAMILY of Doncaster's missing boy are to sound a desperate rallying cry to every seconday school in Britain.

McAuley Catholic High School pupil Andrew Gosden was 14 when he disappeared 16 months ago.

He left for school as normal on the morning of September 14, 2007, but bought a one-way train ticket to London - and CCTV pictures of the teenager leaving Kings Cross Station remain the only definitive sighting of him since.

His parents Kevin and Glenys, of Littlemoor Lane, Balby, this week announced a new campaign for 2009 - following endless unsuccessful attempts to track down their son - calling on all teachers and school pupils across the UK.

Kevin, 43, said in a statement: "Despite many possible sightings, we still do not have one shred of hard evidence relating to his whereabouts, and we are beginning to feel less hopeful that he is alive.

"I intend to e-mail every state secondary school in the UK asking for help, particularly from staff and year 10 or 11 pupils, who may well have noticed someone new in their community of their own age.

"We are hoping that people will help by joining the Bebo and Facebook groups dedicated to searching for Andrew. Pictures are available on these to help gain an impression of Andrew's looks, even though this will have changed.

"Most importantly, we hope that people will reflect and think about whether they have encountered someone who may be Andrew and contact Missing People, or ourselves, so that any information may be swiftly passed to the police.

"Following this, we intend to e-mail other possible audiences, such as youth services, refuse collectors, postal workers and Primary Care Trust's to ask if those who work in the community may have noticed anything."

Mr Gosden told the Free Press last year that his family may have to end their search in an attempt to move on with their lives - but the New Year has seemingly brought with it renewed optimism.

"The past months have proved to be a formidably difficult time for us as a family, but we continue to hold out some hope that Andrew may be found or make contact of his own accord," said Kevin.

"Certainly our love for him makes us want to leave no stone unturned in our search.

"Andrew continues to be profoundly missed by ourselves, the wider family and his friends," he added.

"We desire nothing more than to know he is alive and unharmed, to be re-united if possible and to offer him our help and support if he finds himself in a difficult situation of any kind."

Anyone with information about Andrew's whereabouts should contact South Yorkshire Police on 01142 20 20 20 or Missing People on freephone 0500 700 700.