Scores of South Yorkshire holidaymakers stranded in Sharm-el-Skeikh

The popular resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh
The popular resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh

Scores of tourists from South Yorkshire are believed to be among the 20,000 Britons currently stranded in the Egyptian Red Sea holiday resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh.

The British government has taken the drastic action of suspending all British flights to and from Sharm amid fears a Russian holiday jet which crashed in Sinai on Saturday was brought down by a bomb.

ISIS militants have claimed responsibility for bringing down the Metrojet plane, but the official cause of the disaster is not yet known.

All 224 people on board the plane were killed when it came down shortly after take off on Saturday morning.

Holiday firm Thomson operates three flights a week from Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport to and from Sharm-el-Sheikh.

An advice line has today been set up for Robin Hood passengers affected by the suspension of flights.

Customers should call 0800 009 3833 for more information.

Meanwhile the government is currently putting plans in place to get British people who are due to leave Sharm back home to this country.

Are you or anyone you know stuck in Sharm-el-Skeikh? If so contact and let us know your experience.